Links to a few clips and flicks with Swedish audio and English subtitles

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Links to a few clips and flicks with Swedish audio and English subtitles

Post by Vanja on Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:44 pm

Short information clip about a EU project concerning the elderly carried out by Nacka municipality (Swedish audio, English subtitles):

A documentary style roughly 30-minute clip about the exploitation of Sápmi, the land of the Sami people, and a protest group trying to help the Sami (both English and Swedish audio mixed, with corresponding English/Swedish subtitles):

Short clip with Swedish audio and English subtitles (and also some Swedish vocabulary that you could try to figure out with the help of the translation tools mentioned in the list of useful links). The clip is about disabled people’s place in the working world, and what challenges they face:

A five-minute guided tour of the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, Swedish audio, English subtitles:

Cartoon “Pelle Svanslös” from the 80’s, but still loved by many (myself included), about Pelle the cat without a tail and his adventures. Almost 1,5 hours long, Swedish audio, English subtitles:

An episode of the Swedish version of the UK show “QI”, note that you have to activate the subtitles in the menu bar:


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